Carbon Dioxide Liquid Industry


PT. Petro Oxo Nusantara (‘The Company/PT PON”) is a pionneer of 2-Ethyl Hexanol (2EH) industry, Iso-Butanol (IBA), Normal-Butanol (NBA), and Liquid Carbondioxyde (LCO2) in Indonesia and South East Asia. Established on May 9,1996, The Company has now covered a broad market both locally and internationally.
The Company’s factory was first build in may 1996, and officially operated since September 1998. In less than two years, the Company managed to increase operating results by 110% in January 2000 along with the Company’s continious growth.

2 Ethyl Hexanol

The main product produced by PT Petro Oxo Nusantara is 2-Ethyl Hexanol. 2-ethyl Hexanol or better known as octanol with chemical formula CH3 (CH2) 3CH (C2H5) CH2OH is an alcoholic group organic compound At room temperature, octanol is a clear, uncolored liquid compound with a distinctive odor. This compound is slightly soluble in water and […]

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Iso Butanol

Isobutanol with C4H10O molecular formula is the result of hydrogenation of isobutiraldehyde obtained from the hydroformylation reaction of propylene and syngas (CO & H2). Isobutanol is a clear, colorless and neutral compound.   CAPACITY : 15,000 MT/year  Specification Property  Value  Unit  Method Purity  min. 99.5  % wt  G.C Color  max. 10  APHA  ASTM D-1209 Water […]

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CO2 Liquid

Since 2015 start to produce a liquid CO2 by extraction process utilizing flue gas of reformer which rich of CO2, using Union Engineering – Denmark  technology. Our CO2 liquid meet with food grade quality standard, and we had obtained FSSC-22.000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance on March 2016. CAPACITY : 25,500 MT/year Specification Property  Value […]

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