Carbon Dioxide Liquid Industry


2 Ethyl Hexanol

The main product produced by PT Petro Oxo Nusantara is 2-Ethyl Hexanol. 2-ethyl Hexanol or better known as octanol with chemical formula CH3 (CH2) 3CH (C2H5) CH2OH is an alcoholic group organic compound At room temperature, octanol is a clear, uncolored liquid compound with a distinctive odor. This compound is slightly soluble in water and […]

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Iso Butanol

  Isobutanol with C4H10O molecular formula is the result of hydrogenation of isobutiraldehyde obtained from the hydroformylation reaction of propylene and syngas (CO & H2). Isobutanol is a clear, colorless and neutral compound.   CAPACITY : 15,000 MT/year  Specification Property  Value  Unit  Method Purity  min. 99.5  % wt  G.C Color  max. 10  APHA  ASTM D-1209 […]

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CO2 Liquid

Since 2015 start to produce a liquid CO2 by extraction process utilizing flue gas of reformer which rich of CO2, using Union Engineering – Denmark  technology. Our CO2 liquid meet with food grade quality standard, and we had obtained FSSC-22.000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance on March 2016. CAPACITY : 25,500 MT/year Specification Property  Value […]

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