CO2 Liquid

Since 2015 start to produce a liquid CO2 by extraction process utilizing flue gas of reformer which rich of CO2, using Union Engineering – Denmark  technology.

Our CO2 liquid meet with food grade quality standard, and we had obtained FSSC-22.000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance on March 2016.

CAPACITY : 25,500 MT/year


Property  Value  Unit  Method
CO2 Purity  m in. 99.90  %  Orsat
Total Sulfur as Sulfur  m a x . 0 . 1  ppm  Online Analyzer
Moisture ( H2O )  max. 20  ppm  Online Analyzer
Total Hydrocarbon as Methane  max. 50  ppm  Online Analyzer
Aromatic Hydrocarbon  m a x. 20  ppb  Online Analyzer
Odor / Taste / Appearance in water  No Foreign Odor and Taste  –  Organoleptic