2 Ethyl Hexanol

The main product produced by PT Petro Oxo Nusantara is 2-Ethyl Hexanol. 2-ethyl Hexanol or better known as octanol with chemical formula CH3 (CH2) 3CH (C2H5) CH2OH is an alcoholic group organic compound

At room temperature, octanol is a clear, uncolored liquid compound with a distinctive odor.

This compound is slightly soluble in water and low toxicity, but flammable. When reacted, it has the same reaction properties as the nature of the primary alcohol reaction and can quickly react with the acid to form the ester (BASF, 2001).

The raw material for the manufacture of octanol is the butyldaldehyde obtained from the hydroformylation process (oxo process) using propylene and syn gas


CAPACITY : 135,000 MT/year


Property  Value  Unit


Purity  min. 99.50  % wt


Color  max. 10  APHA

 ASTM D-1209

Water  max. 0.05  % wt

 JIS K-0068

Acidity ( as acetic acid )  m a x . 0 . 0 1 5  % wt

 JIS K-1525 (4.4)

Aldehyde (as 2-ethylhexanal )  max. 0.05  % wt


Sulfuric Acid Test  max. 20  APHA

 ASTM E-852

Specific Gravity (15/4 0C)  0.831- 0.837  –

 JIS K-1525 (4.3)

Distillation Test  182 – 187  deg C

 JIS K-0066

Appearance  Clear liquid free of suspended solid  –

  JIS K-1504 (3.3)